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Wikispaces as e-portfolios

Over the years, I have been exploring the versatility and robust environments provided by Wikispaces. Not only does this tool offer a secure learning environments for students, it also fosters asynchronous and synchronous collaborative work within and beyond the classroom (for an example of the later click here). Finally the Wikispaces platform accepts most type of third party files, and I have used it to create e-Porfolios where students can gather and organize all their multimedia projects (podcast, movies, VoiceThread, essays, surveys, etc…)
After noting the benefits of using Wikispaces in my own classroom, I initiated and supported the implementation of such a model for the Spanish Department which has been very successful with their students.

The 'Avatar' Project

In this particular project (click here), I have asked my student to create a 'French Avatar'. They had to choose a name for that character and create a character. Then they chose a city in France to live it. Finally, they keep that Avatar during their entire Middle School career and keep adding new projects to it. For example: the Avatar's answer machine, or a song, or the presentation of their Middle School. The versatility of Wikispaces allows for such a diverse body of projects to take place.