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Blended Learning Environment

This year in my classes, I have been experimenting with BYOD which allows to put in place various Blended Learning Environments. These are exciting times for teachers as Technology offers opportunities for differentiated learning as well as more ''interactive" forms of assessments.

Flipping the classroom: encouraging differentiated learning.

Lately, I have been utilizing the app Explain Everything for creating videos to present the mechanics of the language and encourage pattern recognition. I found my students much more engaged when they can pause the 'lecture", review, and ask me questions in class while the rest of the class learns at its own pace.
I found this practice extremely effective when combined with a student response system such as Socrative. The immediate feedback provided by such an audience response system allows the students to see how well they are mastering the materials, and provides teachers with real time feedback. Finally the Space Race feature of this app is a great tool to encourage competition amongst students, encouraging them to do better.

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Sample of a lesson using explaing everything